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This Agreement shall be governed by the terms of this agreement. (hereinafter referred to as “service provider”) it is concluded between the person/entity ( hereinafter referred to as the “customer”) who receives the service.

The customer contracts with the approval of this Agreement and other contractual services for the customer, designed in accordance with the provisions of relevant legislation when using the web pages publish on the internet servers and all the information belongs to the service provider's terms of service, the conditions and limitations covers.

3.1. written, audio or visual content, material made available on the host servers shall be in violation of the laws of the United States and the Federal laws of the United States and other regulations. The customer agrees and declares that the service provider has no obligation to do so.

3.2. The service provider is responsible for the use or misuse of the services by the customer, the contents of the page, information received or sent by e-mail (e-mail), images, text, etc. den shall not be held liable for any material or immaterial damages arising or arising. The customer is responsible.

3.3. climax performs system-based backup on servers. The customer is obliged to make his own backup. Climax cannot be held responsible for any data loss caused by failure to backup.

3.3a. Game Basic and Game Pro servers are backed up at least 1x a day and can be restored 2x a month for free.

3.4. The customer must comply with copyright law. Copyright belongs to someone else fonts, text, images, etc. in case of disputes arising from unauthorized copying of documents and their publication and possession on customer pages, the service provider shall not be shown as a party, nor shall it be held liable financially or spiritually. In such cases, the customer is the party to third parties and the customer agrees to cover all material or moral damages that may arise. In such cases, the Service Provider reserves the right to terminate the agreement.

3.5. You agree that customer data shall not contain any written or visual content, copyrighted material or pirated software that is in any way contrary to the law, moral or legal values, or which is not permitted for free distribution. The service provider shall not be held responsible, the responsibility belongs to the customer. The service provider has the right to terminate the agreement in case of breach of this clause.

3.6. Interhost is a media medium and the customer must comply with due care and care obligations so that there are no hidden or personal elements in their data. The service provider is not liable for any problems that may arise otherwise.

3.7. The customer must make payments in the specified periods. If certain payments are not made on time, the Service Provider reserves the right to close the customer's account and terminate the contract.

3.8. The service provider is obliged to perform the operations specified in the contract on time. However, if the service provider's service is interrupted for any reason, it undertakes to intervene within an acceptable period of time and inform the customer as soon as possible.

3.9. 3. the customer uses the service provider Servers. free services to individuals (e-mail, counter, form, top-site, survey etc. programs) cannot give and abuse the services provided. The service provider has the right to terminate the agreement without notice in case of breach of this clause.

3.10. The customer cannot send spam e-mail at all. Interhost may not send e-mails to users that disturb them in terms of language, frequency, or file size other than the requests of the users. Interhost may not send commercial advertising e-mails to its users against their wishes. Our shared hosting packages have an hourly mail delivery limit of 100. The customer does not send files larger than 8 mb.

3.11. The client may not use host systems to disrupt other interhost users, damage their systems, interfere with the operation of their systems, steal data from these systems, or mislead them in any way. The client is by no means attempts, applications, such or similar attempts to threaten the security of host systems may be made. For example (but not limited to): unauthorized intrusion, use, security scans, measurement and testing of system resources and traffic, email bombardment, DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, and attempts to overload the system are prohibited. The service provider has the right to terminate the agreement without notice in case of breach of this clause.

3.12. The resources of host systems (including, but not limited to, for example: CPU, RAM, and hostwork resources), are may not use the services provided by host to other customers in a way that hinders or restricts them. In this case the Service Provider the host may ask the customer to reduce the use of system resources to an acceptable level or to pay for additional technical equipment and resources needed to cover the resources it uses. Otherwise, The Service Provider has the right to terminate the contract.

3.13 content: shared hosting and resller packages are limited to web content as space usage. These contents are outside the web Area content (Rar, Zip, PDF, Mp3, Mp4, Raw, Video, Music, Movie and large size image files etc.) it is prohibited to use it for storage and archive purposes. Climax, if identified for this purpose.the host has the right to limit/delete.

3.14. The service provider is responsible for providing the service necessary for the continuous publication of the customer's website in the interhost environment. However, it cannot be held responsible for technical errors and outages outside the service provider.

3.15. Customer agrees that the courts of Istanbul and the Executive Offices of Istanbul are authorized in all disputes arising from the non-application of the contract between the service provider and the customer.

3.16. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the prices of its services.

3.17. Game Basic & Pro category have a Daily Backups and is accepted by buyers thus keeping the data for safety for 6 months.

3.18. The Service Provider may terminate the contract with written notice at any time. In order for termination to be considered as a return request, compliance with the return policy is essential. No refund can be requested for any termination that is not covered by the refund policy. According to our refund policy, the Service Provider, Climax, do not provide any refund to the Customer.

3.19. The customer accepts and declares that the information provided during registration/application is accurate and complete. All notices made to the customer's e-mail address (e-mail) are deemed to have been made to the customer in accordance with the relevant provisions of the notification law. The customer is obliged to keep the Contact e-mail address up to date and inform the service provider of the address changes. Otherwise, the notification to the e-mail address registered in the system is deemed to have been made to the customer himself.

3.20. In the event that the service provider therefore suffers a loss due to customer's conduct contrary to any of the provisions of this agreement, customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the customer and the obligations set forth in this agreement.valid for all services received from the host site.

3.21. climax.the campaigns announced by the host are valid for the declared periods and cannot be combined with any other campaign that is run in parallel and/or simultaneously.

3.22. Shared hosting packages are suspended 7 days after the expiration of the service period and the contents of the web site are deleted after a total of 30 days just like that the backups.

3.23. Hosting servers share system resources such as Cpu - Ram. Websites that consume 20% or more of system resources for longer than 90 Seconds are automatically suspended.

3.24. In Hybrid mail and hosting packages, maximum mailbox size for 1 mailbox is limited to 10GB.

3.25. Examples of content that will not be accepted in shared hosting and reseller packages;
Warez and interhost sites that distribute or link to illegal content.
Phishing, fraud and hacking websites.
* Websites that engage in or promote illegal activities.
* Sweepstakes and gambling websites.
* Websites with adult or pornographic content that damage society's culture.
* User tracking and websites using similar scripts.

Article 4: Final provisions this convention consists of 4 articles and begins on the date of registration and is valid until the termination. If the customer makes use of the services of the service provider by online registration or by any means, the customer shall be deemed to have accepted the full terms of this agreement.