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Climax is a company, which provide highest and strongest DDoS protected servers for all the people, who are interested in highest quality services. We have been in many sectors for a long time. During using many applications including games and websites, we have had many experiences about them. Climax is the best company to host your servers and services. We have 24/7 support team every day. Whenever you need something, we are always here to help and assist you to fix your issues. There is literally no reason not to be in Climax Family!

- 99.9% Uptime Warrant

We have been providing 99.9% Uptime Warrant for all of our customers. Even if you have some issues in mornings or at nights, we have employees to help you. And, our aim is to help you as quickly as we can. You can feel safe while being hosted by Climax.Host

- Disk Space and Bandwidth

We have been providing "Climax Backup Service" for all of our customers. In this case, you and your files are going to be safe. We also provide a backup space for you. For more details, you can check our "Climax Backup Service" on Climax.Host.

- 24/7 Support

We have been providing 24/7 every day support with our specialists for all of our customers. Whenever you need help with anything you want, do not hesitate to keep in touch with us. Our response duration is literally 1~5 minutes. Imagine that you ask for help from us, and we answer in 1~5 minutes. It is amazing, isn't it? We also help you with installations regarding all applications including websites and game servers. Basically, we support you in any situations you are in. Please feel free to contact with us whenever you need some help.

- Services for every budget (DO NOT PAY A LOT OF MONEY FOR SERVICES!)

We have been providing many packages for you. Even if you are a small company, you are a normal user or you are a big company, we provide many suitable packages for all kinds of customers. Our aim is to help you with choosing the most suitable and cheapest service for you. If you have some issues related to choosing the most suitable package for your budget, please get some help from our specialists. We are going to provide whatever you need and whatever your budget is. Furthermore, you are able to have "Climax Co-Location Service" for your servers/devices.

For further information or questions, do not hesitate to keep in touch with us. We are always here for you and we will always be!