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Depending on the size of the company, sufficient staff can be made available for IT support. The focus of the IT department, however, is rarely on solving the problem for the individual employee. However, failures due to disruptions in work processes and their consequences are underestimated. If resources for the support are missing in different areas, an external support can be used.
In the three service levels, we offer our customers professional support and rapid solutions to the individual problems of each employee.

1st Level Support

problem identification
client support
Solutions of application problems

2nd Level Support

Unresolved Tickets from 1st Level Support
Malfunctions in operating procedures
Repair of equipment in the repair center (Lenovo, HP & Fujitsu)
server maintenance
Security & Privacy
data maintenance
process optimisation

3rd Level Support

Unresolved tickets from 2nd level
Ticket transfer to manufacturer